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Will Styler

Doctoral Candidate - University of Colorado Department of Linguistics

About Me

I’m a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Colorado at Boulder, in the Department of Linguistics. My research specialization is Acoustic and Articulatory Phonetics, focusing on the perception of oral and nasal vowels with limited context and high variability, but I live a double life, working extensively in computational processing of medical records and language as well. Simply put, vowels bring me joy, computers bring me joy, and any confluence is a bonus.

Teaching is one of my greatest passions, and I've taught both undergraduate and graduate Phonetics courses at the University of Colorado (along with plenty of guest lectures and workshops). Nothing is more pleasing to me than finding a wonderful new analogy for a concept which just "clicks" for my students, and despite the occasional speedbump, I truly love sharing the joy of language (and of teaching) with students of all levels.

When I'm not teaching or working on my own research, I work as a research assistant in the department. I've gotten involved with several large medical record annotation grants with Dr. Martha Palmer, for which I do annotation schema design and documentation, annotator supervision, and annotation workflow design. In addition, I do data analysis, Praat scripting and Python programming for Dr. Rebecca Scarborough in the CU Phonetics Lab.

As a side project, I’m also the maintainer of the EnronSent email corpus, a cleaned subset of data from the Enron corpus of email, as well as the author of Using Praat for Linguistic Research, a free textbook on phonetic analysis with the Praat software. If you have questions about either of these things, please do send me an email.

In my free time, I write fiction, play the Hammered Dulcimer, work with computers and open-source software, and watch the cute little birds on my patio. I also maintain (when I have time) a language blog, Notes from a Linguistic Mystic.

Please feel free to use the navigation links at the top of this page for more information about me and my research, and have a wonderful day.

Contact Information

Legal Name: William F. Styler IV
Email: will at (this website), savethevowels dot org
PGP Key:
Mailing: University of Colorado Linguistics Department, 295 UCB, Boulder CO 80309-0295